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Support Group Change:

The Black Hills Area Survivors of Suicide Support Group that always met on the 1st Tuesday of every month has changed its meeting date. The group is now meeting every 4th Saturday of every month from 10am - 12pm. The group is still meeting at the same location at the 1st Congregational UCC Church at 1200 Clark Street in Rapid City. If you have questions, please call the Front Porch Coalition offices and talk to Stephanie at 605-348-6692.


Dear Survivor of Suicide,

We would like to invite you to participate in a research project on suicide bereavement. We understand that suicide bereavement is a difficult journey and that it is unique to everyone who goes through it. In order to find what is most helpful to survivors in coping with their loss, we have developed a series of questions related to what services you may have received immediately or soon after your loss.

The questions also relate to your emotional health following your loss. It is our hope to learn what is and is not most helpful to suicide survivors, and what impact the timing of services received had on your emotional and physical health and wellbeing. The study will involve taking an online survey available at this link here. There, you will find more details of the project, the survey, contact information for the researcher (Dr. Regina T. P. Aguirre), and will be asked if you would like to participate. We appreciate your time and consideration.




We are volunteers - survivors ourselves of a loss to suicide as well as community caregivers - who have come together to offer support, guidance, comfort, and assistance to those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Our services are free. To be contacted by an advocacy team member from Rapid City, click here.

As with many organizations, the need for volunteers is great. Our organization is currently in need of volunteers to help with the programs and services that we provide. If you would like to volunteer to help our organization, please contact us or click here to send us a message. Someone will contact you to discuss your time and availability to volunteer.